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January 3, 2007 - Happy New Year !

We start a new year with our struggle focused on the fight for achieving the segregated runways and on the problems that have been hanging over Gavà Mar for a long time, which should be solved or planned to be solved bearing in mind the next municipal elections in May 2007.

The Office for the Control of the Airport that the City Council is designing will be created this year and it will be a useful tool for everybody. We will also see how the public school and the skating park of Gavà Mar are built.

But... Will we see how they build the new stretch of the sea walkway that should span the Riera dels Canyars? Will the Pont de la pava be fixed? Will the local police be present throughout the whole year? Will they fight effectively to eradicate prostitution in Gavà Mar? Will they install the street posts the neighbors are demanding before the summer season arrives? Will they take steps in order to install acoustic screens in the ‘autovia de Castelldefels’? Will they improve the sidewalks and build ramps so as to make mobility easier? Will they enlarge the children’s park? ..

Prostitution in Gavà Mar



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